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AES Brasil

Who We Are

AES Brasil is a 100% renewable energy generator that has been investing in the country for nearly 25 years. It boasts a diversified portfolio, with a total of 5.2 GW of installed capacity, of which 4.5 GW are in operation and over 700 MW are under construction – including the Tucano (322 MW) and Cajuína 2 (370 MW) wind complexes, as well as the AGV VII solar farm (33 MW).

In addition to an extensive track record in operating renewable assets, AES Brasil holds a significant growth potential in the wind and solar segments. With projects in different evolution phases, it could potentially add up to 4.0 GW of installed capacity to the Company's portfolio, alongside continuous evolution and assessment of M&A opportunities.

The primary focus is on diligently evaluating growth opportunities, always prioritizing value generation for the Company's shareholders.


Our strategy of being the best choice in the free market entails providing quality products according to the customers' needs, achieved through agility and digitalization in our processes.

Regulatory discussions are progressing and indicating a scenario of increased liberalization and market enhancement. The opening of the free energy market will bring new business opportunities and improvements to the sector, aiming to include new technologies and enhancement tools for risk mitigation, further enhancing the confidence of financiers, operators, and investors.

To address these changes, we are prepared to offer tailor-made products, promoting the best solutions and experience for our customers. All of this is supported by three pillars: resilience, competitiveness, and responsibility.

With a strategy focused on growth and portfolio diversification through the development of renewable projects complementary to hydroelectric sources, featuring long-term contracts and consistent returns, AES Brasil has expanded from an installed capacity of 2.7 GW in 2016, entirely sourced from hydroelectric energy, to a total installed capacity of 5.2 GW. This capacity is diversified among hydroelectric (2,658 MW, equivalent to 51%), wind (2,194 MW, equivalent to 43%), and solar sources (295 MW, equivalent to 6%).

The Company's asset portfolio consists of a total of twenty-three hydroelectric, wind, and solar power generation assets, including nine hydroelectric power plants (HPPs), three small hydroelectric power plants (SHPPs), nine wind complexes, being two under construction (Tucano and Cajuína 2), and three solar complexes, with one farm under construction (AGV VII).

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