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A Public Company

In compliance with the provision of CVM Instruction 358/02, the Management of  AES Tietê S.A. (the  “Company”) informs the public that on April 27, 2004, at the General Extraordinary Meeting, a new curve  to be used for the amortization of the premium relating to the incorporation by the Company of AES Gás Empreendimentos Ltda., approved at the  General Ordinary and Extraordinary Meeting of 03.30.00, with the purpose of meeting the determination provided for in Official Letter nº 2103 of 12.16.03 and Official Letter nº 87 of 01.16.04, by Agência Nacional de Energia Elétrica – ANEEL, was unanimously approved by all shareholders attending the meeting, becoming thus ratified the procedures adopted for the referred to incorporation described in the Relevant Issue dated 03.16.2000 and the respective Incorporation Protocol that are reflected on the Company’s Financial Statements. The new curve set  out by ANEEL altered the term for the amortization of the premium from 10 (ten) years to 30 (thirty) years. As the fiscal benefit corresponding to the amortization of the premium recorded by the Company is used, the corresponding installment of the respective special premium reserve will be capitalized, pursuant to art. 7, of CVM Instruction nº. 319/99, to the favor of the controlling shareholder. Also as provided for in paragraph 1º of art. 7º of the abovementioned Instruction, it will always be assured to the other shareholders the right to preference and, if it is the case, the amounts paid by same will be handed to the controlling shareholder. The conditions that will rule the capital increases arising from the capitalization of the special premium reserve will be informed timely.

São Paulo, April 27, 2004.

Andréa Cristina Ruschmann 
Director for Finances and Relations with Investors

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