Disclosure of Material Event (Somente em Inglês)



HEDGING-GRIFFO CORRETORA DE VALORES S.A., registered in the Corporate Taxpayer Registry CNPJ/MF under number 61.809.182/0001-30 and HEDGING-GRIFFO ASSET MANAGEMENT, in the Corporate Taxpayer Registry CNPJ/MF under number 68.328.632/0001-12, both with head office in Sao Paulo/SP, pursuant  to the provisions of CVM Instruction number 358/2002, inform the group of funds managed by same, reached, by way of operations carried out in Stock Exchanges, on April 2, 2004 the total amount of 2,601,510,000 ordinary shares issued by AES TIETÊ S.A, which correspond to a 5.36% shareholding in that class of Company’s shares.
The management clarifies that the acquisition of the aforementioned shareholding does not aim at altering the management, the shareholding structure  or the regular running of the Company, but represents a strategy of management of the funds that the companies manage.

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