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In compliance with the provisions of CVM Instruction 358/02, the Management of AES Tietê S.A. informs the public that ANEEL, by way of Official Letter # 1035/2003-SFF/ANEEL, approved the First Amendment to The Loan Agreement signed on December 13, 2003 between the Company and AES Tietê Empreendimentos Ltda., in the amount of  R$ 70 million. The referred to amendment (i) adjusts the term of the Loan Agreement to a period of up to two years, to be amortized with the first resources, and all subsequent ones, arising from any form of  remuneration to the lawful shareholders of AES Tietê Empreendimentos; (ii) reinforces the guarantee offered, which consists of the distribution of dividends, interest on capital or any other form of remuneration to shareholders, authorizing the Company to an early retainer of such remunerations until the final amortization of that agreement; (iii) it interest of 12% a year and a 2% fine in case of default; (iv) the other clauses of the referred to Loan Agreement remain unchanged.

São Paulo, July 15, 2003

Paulo Roberto Dutra 
Investor Relations Director

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